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RamLal in Uth Records Episode 6th (Watch Videos)

by Waqas Sarwar - on Apr 1st 2011 - 1 Comment

Based out of Lahore, RamLal is a contemporary band that works with a diversity of eclectic sounds and influences to produce unique compositions. Consisting of musician Mohammad Fazli on Lead Vocals & Guitar, musician and audio engineer Muhammad Agha on Guitar & backing  vocals, the band members are currently in the process of recording their first album. Speaking about their experience on the Ufone Uth Records platform and on their interaction with the producers the band has  said “Ufone Uth Records producers are skilled individuals; working alongside them has been a great experience and was a lot of fun.”
RamLal are looking forward to make their musical mark with their original and unconventional song, ‘Naughty Boy’.

Ufone Uth Records – Episode 6 – RamLal – Part 1


Ather Sani in Uth Records Episode 5th (Watch Videos)

by Ata ur Rehman - on Mar 25th 2011 - 1 Comment

Ufone Uth Records announcing Ather Sani. Ather Sani is a Karachi based, primarily self taught musician. In addition to his sheer passion and talent for signing, Ather also plays the keyboard and guitar.

Equally comfortable in the genres of rock and pop as he is with folk and ghazal, Ather Sani was selected as a session stand in vocalist for Coke Studio’s Season 1. Speaking about his experience at Ufone’s Uth Records, Ather has said “It was very constructive…I hope that this will help me put myself out in the music industry. The producers and Ufone team members have put a lot of work into this project”.

So here goes the Fourth(5th) episode of another Musical Show called UTH Records , started by Pakistan’s Popular Telecommunication Company UFONE. The Fourth episode features Karachi based singer Ather Sani

Check out the Complete Episode below:

Ather Sani – Episode 5th – Part1


Natasha Ejaz – Uth Records Episode 4 (Photos)

by Ata ur Rehman - on Mar 12th 2011 - No Comments

Natasha Ejaz – Uth Records Episode 4 (Photos) On Set Photographer – Biya Shadab

Watch Episode4

Uth Records – Episode 4th


Uth Records-Episode2 featuring Yasir & Jawad

by Ata ur Rehman - on Feb 25th 2011 - 1 Comment

“Uth Records is a youth based music reality television show launched by Ufone that provides talented young musicians a professional music platform for their original work to be seen and heard across Pakistan, irrespective of age, gender, language and background.

Uth Records as a concept, is based on the acknowledgment that our country has an abundance of musical talent, but due to a dearth of avenues, such talent usually receives little recognition or opportunity to break into the industry, thereby stifling the potential a new generation of music can bring.”

So here goes the Second(2nd) episode of another Musical Show called , started by Pakistan’s Popular Telecommunication Company UFONE. The Second episode features Peshawar based Trio, Yasir-Jawad-Wali.

Check out the Complete Episode below:

Uth Records – Episode 2 – Part 1