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The Sketches – Neend Ki Naaiya (Music Video/Download Mp3)

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Band: The Sketches
Song: Neend Ki Naaiya (Mudita) (more…)

The Sketches – Bol Pakhee (Outdoor Acoustic Version) – Video/Download Mp3

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Band: The Sketches
Song: Bol Pakhee
Vocalist: Saif Samejo
Poetry: Sachal Sarmast (more…)

The Sketches – Sahib Mera Aik Hai (Listen/Download Mp3)

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Band: The Sketches
Song: Sahib Mera Aik Hai
Poetry: Bhagat Kabir & Ghulam Fareed (more…)

The Sketches – Rehman Je Paasay (Rock & Roll Version Live in Art Council Karachi)

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Song: Ko Aa Rehman Je Paasay (Cover Manjhi Fakir)- Rock & Roll Version
Poetry: Hafiz Nizamani (more…)

The Sketches – Hik Insaan (Live Jam Sessions) – Video/Download Mp3

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Band: The Sketches
Song: Hik Insaan – Live Jam Sessions at Lahooti Music Aashram (more…)

The Sketches – Meena (Official Music Video/Download Mp3/Lyrics)

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Band: The Sketches
Song: Meena
Language: Sindhi (more…)

The Sketches – Ishq Da Jaam (Live Unplugged at Lahooti Music Aashram)

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Band: The Sketches!
Song: Ishq Da Jaam (Live Unplugged) (more…)