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The Sketches Ft. Mai Dhai – Mann Moriya (Video/Download Mp3)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Sep 23rd 2015


Saif Samejo’s new music video Man Moriya featuring Mai Dhai and Fakeer Zulfiqar in Lahooti Live Sessions

Artists: The Sketches Ft. Mai Dhai and Fakeer Zulfiqar
Song: Man Moriya (more…)

Heart Like Your (Cover – If I Stay) By The Sketches

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Aug 31st 2015


Band: The Sketches
Song: Heart Like Your (Cover)
Original: WILLAMETTE STONE – From the Movie (If I Stay) (more…)

The Sketches – Dastaan Sassui (Wai)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Jul 24th 2015


Band : The Sketches
Vocals: Saif Samejo
Song: Dastaan Sassui (Wai)
Language: Sindhi (more…)

The Sketches – Ishq Da Jaam (Acoustic Version)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Jul 5th 2015


Band: The Sketches
Song: Ishq Da Jaam (Original) – (Acoustic Temple of Silence Version)
Poetry Sachal Sarmast (more…)

The Sketches – Maujood (Soul Version) – Official Music Video

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Apr 24th 2015


Artist: The Sketches
Song: Moujood (Soul Version) (more…)

The Sketches – Neend Ki Naaiya (Music Video/Download Mp3)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Mar 13th 2015


Band: The Sketches
Song: Neend Ki Naaiya (Mudita) (more…)

The Sketches – Bol Pakhee (Outdoor Acoustic Version) – Video/Download Mp3

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Mar 6th 2015


Band: The Sketches
Song: Bol Pakhee
Vocalist: Saif Samejo
Poetry: Sachal Sarmast (more…)