Only 10 percent Pakistani Viewers Are Interested In Turkish Dramas: Gallup Pakistan

by Faizan Ali - on Dec 23rd 2012
Turkish Dramas Only Have 10 percent Viewership

There was a time in the country when people used to spend their night in front of the television to watch Indian drama serials. Fearing that the situation might get out of hand because of the negative impact on the society and the youth, PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority) made the wise decision of banning Indian...

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is “The Most Favorite Singer Of Pakistan”

by Faizan Ali - on Aug 11th 2012

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who is known for his remarkable singing which is mixture of both classical and modern music has now topped as the Most Favorite Singer Of Pakistan. Rahat’s music is immensely popular in both youth and aged listeners. According to Gilani Research Foundation Survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan, the fact...

43% in favor, 42% against Indian Channels in Pakistan [Survey]

by Hataf Siyal - on Apr 24th 2011

Gallup Survey PakistanIn a survey recently conducted by Gallup Pakistan, a nationally representative sample of men and women from all over the Pakistan were asked whether they are in favor of Indian television channels to be shown on our nation’s cable networks or not.

The result showed a tight tussle between the viewers as 43% were in favor and 42% against it, while 15% of the population gave no answer. In a follow-up question, a nationally representative sample of men and women from all over the Pakistan were asked the following ‘conspiratorial’ question:

Indian Channels running/airing on Pakistani CableSome people believe that the Indian content is being showed on Pakistani cable networks to distract the public eye whereas others say that they are clearly being shown on public demand. At the end of the question, they asked “What is your opinion?” And the outcome of this question proved that a majority of 51% rejected the ‘conspiracy’ behind the availability of Indian channels and 26% agreed with the proposition, while 23% had no answer.

With our ‘dead’ entertainment industry (except the pop music that has been redefined after the success of the epic Coke Studio), do you people prefer to watch Indian television channels on our cable networks or not? Cast in your feedback!

The detailed survey with Graphs and additional information can be read here

Quratulain Balouch(QB) in Coke Studio Season4

by Danish Mughal - on Feb 16th 2011

Pakistani Female Singer Quratulain BalouchRemember that female vocalist in last season of Coke Studio, who claimed her fame by singing a folk song ‘Alif Allah Chambay Dee Bootee’ with Arif Lohar. What was the name of the lady ? Oh Yeah, Meesha Shafi ! Quite popular name now in Pakistan. We were wondering who’s going to make it big like Meesha in Coke Studio Season4 and here we have the news. Quratulain Balouch will be the Meesha Shafi of Coke Studio Season 4.

Our sources revealed this news to us last week, but since we had no Official confirmation of the news it couldn’t be broken earlier. But now we have just confirmed with sources closed to QB  about her inclusion and they replied in an affirmative answer.

Those who are wondering what’s this unheard name and how can she make it as big as Meesha Shafi, will surely see it happening in Coke Studio. But Let us introduce our readers to this hot new female sensation, prior to the sessions, who can take Coke Studio by storm.

Her fanpage reads her biography as : (more…)

Copyright around the World

by havi - on Aug 3rd 2009

Is it worthwhile trying to stop it?

Piracy across the World

By Havi Zayed

Piracy is often referred to as one of the greatest problems for Producers, Artists, Musicians and Record Companies alike. Copyright costs the Music Industry a huge amount of money each year.

In the UK a total of 7.2 Million people engage in violating UK’s copyright laws which will cost the UK music sector an estimated £200m in 2009. This will bring the total cost between the years 2007 and 2012 according to research conducted by Jupiter Research to £1.2bn. In the USA with about 30 Million people involved in illegal file sharing copyright violation costs the U.S. economy $58.0 billion in total output and $16.3 billion in earnings. (more…)