Resham keeping high expectations from Swaarangi

by admin - on Aug 24th 2015

Fida Hussain, Mazhar Abbas, Resham, Waseem Manzoor, Naveed Akbar

Team Swaarangi (an upcoming Pakistani film starring Resham and Ayub Khosa) met the press in Press Club Lahore, on August 21, 2015. Cast of the film including Resham, Naveed Akbar, Waseem Manzoor, Hamza Mushtaq and Shahzaib Johar were there in the press meet. Director Fida Hussain and Producer Mazhar Abbas were also present at the press meet. Film star Resham said that she is glad her film is releasing at the time when Pakistani film industry is reviving. It is a good sign that now Pakistani film makers are making films like Swaarangi which is a product of parallel cinema. Resham also said that I would love to work in more movies, provided my character has some meat and the story line and script is good. She said that she is confident that this film will perform well at the box office as now our audience has matured for serious cinema and we are receiving message oriented films in a better way. (more…)

Magnetic by Saleem (Starrlife presentation)

by admin - on Aug 24th 2015


StarrLife Entertainment, has released its artist Salem’s new single ‘Magnetic’. The track produced by Maz K is a sure summer hit. Catchy lyrics both in English and Punjabi along with its toe tapping music has already gained traction since its release. (more…)

Hassan Hayat Khan – Beqadraa (Official Music Video)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Aug 23rd 2015


Love’ is a feeling that is defined differently by every individual. “Beqadraa” refers to a person who takes love, care & devotion for granted! The song describes the pure feelings of a man in love.

Artist: Hassan Hayat Khan
Song: Beqadraa (more…)

Call Band Reunites after three years

by Arsalan - on Aug 22nd 2015


The news is BIG ! Pakistani Rock band Call has announced to reunite after three long years. Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi announced the news on his Facebook profile. “We are back to make music again, to perform for you again, to follow our dreams and to make you a part of our journey, once again,” announces Xulfi. (more…)

Ali Zafar – Rockstar (Coke Studio Season 8, Episode 2)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Aug 22nd 2015


Artist: علی ظفر
Title: Rockstar – روکسٹار
Language: Urdu, English, Punjabi
Coke Studio Pakistan Season 8, Episode 2
Produced by: Strings (more…)

Anwar Maqsood & Suraiya Khanum – Chiryaan Da Chamba (Coke Studio 8, Episode 2 – Audio/Video/Lyrics)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Aug 22nd 2015

: سریّا خانم اور انور مقصود
Title: Chiryaan Da Chamba – چڑیاں دا چمبا – A Flock Of Birds (more…)

Umair Jaswal and Quratulain Blouch – Sammi Meri Waar (Coke Studio Season 8, Episode 2 – Audio/Video/Lyrics)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Aug 22nd 2015

: اور قرۃ العیں بلوچ عمیر جسوال
Title: Sammi Meri Waar – سمّی میری وار – Sammi, Now It’s My Turn
Language: Urdu, Punjabi (more…)

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