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Operation 021 Music, Movie Soundtrack Produced by Alfonso Gonzalez Aguilar

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Music Producer: Alfonso Gonzalez Aguilar Songs: 021’s Final Move, Kill Them All Biography of Music Producer: Film score composer, pianist and conductor. He was born in 1985, in Madrid, Spain, where he studied music complemented by Berklee’s formation in film scoring. Now based in Los Angeles, he has been in the industry...

Na Maloom Afraad Movie Songs (Mp3 Downloads)

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Here is the album of Na Maloom Afraad Movie, Listen/Download Mp3!

‘Na Maloom Afraad’ is one such crazy story of three reckless poor struggling souls, running after their individual ambitions and desires, brought together by one incident which makes their not so simple life into a thrilling roller coaster ride of numerous ironic twist & turns. The three characters run around in the chaotic city of Karachi bringing out the craziest plan to save their love, life and asses.

Singers: Sajjad Ali, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Sara Raza Khan, Saima Iqbal, Rajab Ali, Shani
Songs:   Phurr Phurr, Sapno Ki Mala, Darbadar, Billi, Manga Tanga, Mere Nehar, Makri Ka Jala, Goli TT Main Phas Gayi, D.O.G (more…)

Various Artists – Mere Nehar OST Na Maloom Afraad (Video/Download Mp3)

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Mere Nehar by Various Artists
Movie: Na Maloom Afraad
Music: Vicky Haider, Naqash Haider (more…)

Pakistani Independent Feature Film ‘DUKHTAR’ to Release in Nine Major Cities!

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pakistani-independent-feature-film-dukhtar-to-release-in-nine-major-cities (5)

[Pakistan: 17th September 2014]: Following DUKHTAR’s World Premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on 5th September 2014, DUKHTAR is set to release nationwide in nine major cities of Pakistan; Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Sialkot on Thursday, 18th...

Shani – Goli TT Main Phans Gayi OST Na Maloom Afraad (Listen/Download Mp3)

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Another song of Na Maloom Afraad movie titled as “Goli TT Main Phans Gayi” sung and composed by Shani, Listen/Download Mp3

Artist: Shani
Song: Goli TT Main Phans Gayi
Movie: Na Maloom Afraad

Click Here For Full Album of Na Maloom Afraad!


Rushk – Bori OST Downward Dog (Audio Song)

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Bori by Rushk for an upcoming Pakistani film Downward Dog, directed by Jami

Band: Rushk
Song: Bori
OST Downward Dog
Directed by Jami (more…)

Mohsin Abbas Haider – Sapno Ki Maala OST Na Maloom Afraad (Video/Download Mp3)

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Artist – Mohsin Abbas Haider
Song – Sapno Ki Maala
Movie: Na Maloom Afraad (more…)