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Movie Review: Dekh Magar Pyaar Say, if you really can

by admin - on Aug 17th 2015


As the name suggests, Dekh Magar Pyaar Say is a debut Romcom by Asad-ul-Haq; who is famous for his work in the field of commercial advertisement. The movie has multiple plot twists, fine cast and good music. (more…)

Manto Movie Songs (Listen Full Original Soundtracks)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Aug 17th 2015


Listen Full Original Soundtracks Of Pakistani Movie Manto!

Kya Hoga By Zeb Bangash and Ali Sethi – Watch Video
Kaun Hai Yeh Gustaakh by Javed Bashir ft. Mahira Khan – Watch Video
Aah Ko Chahiye by Ali Sethi – Watch Video
Mehram Dilaan De Mahi By Meesha Shafi – Watch Video (more…)

Abbas Ali Khan and Natasha Humera Ejaz – Mein Azad Hoon OST Azad (Audio)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Aug 16th 2015

abbas-ali-khan-and-natasha-humera-ejaz-mein-azad-hoon-ost-azad-audioFirst song from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of the upcoming film “Azad”

Composed and Sung by Abbas Ali Khan and Natasha Humera Ejaz.
Guitar by Natasha Ejaz (more…)

The halls were filled with the cast of Manto

by admin - on Aug 13th 2015

MANTO team

On Thursday, 6th August, Nueplex Cinemas was a ‘Blue Carpet’ affair. The agenda for the evening was TVs new premium drama looks & music preview of MANTO-The Film, Pakistan’s first cinematic biopic feature film encompassing the life and work of the rebellious writer, Saadat Hasan Manto. (more…)

Dekh Magar Pyaar Say Movie Songs (Full Original Soundtrack)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Aug 10th 2015

dekh-magar-pyaar-say-movie-songs-full-original-soundtrack1- Dekh Magar Pyaar Say By Asrar
2- I Am Sweetey By Raj Heer
3- Kabhi Kabhi By Adnan Dhool
4- Kabhi Kabhi (Talal Qureshi Mix) By Adnan Dhool
5- Kala Doriya By Adnan Dhool and Mehak Ali
6- Kala Doriya (House Mix) By Adnan Dhool and Mehak Ali
7- Neray Neray Vas By Adnan Dhool
8- Neray Neray Vas (Talal Qureshi Mix) By Adnan Dhool
9- Tasveer By Mooroo
10- Tasveer (Talal Qureshi Mix) By Mooroo
11- Tauba Tauba By Sara Raza Khan
12- Tumhein Dillagi (Band Version) By Soch (Adnan Dhool)
13- Tumhein Dillagi (Film Version) By Adnan Dhool

Release Date August 14, 2015
Genre Romance/Comedy (more…)

Ku Ku Ku OST Moor By Strings (Video)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Aug 9th 2015

ku-ku-ku-ost-moor-by-strings-videoVideo of MOOR’s official soundtrack ‘Ku Ku Ku’ by Strings!

OST ‘Moor’ (Mother)
Music: Strings
Lyrics: Anwar Maqsood (more…)

I Am Sweetey OST Dekh Magar Pyaar Say By Raj Heer (Video)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Aug 7th 2015


Artist: Raj Heer
Song: I am sweetey
Movie: Dekh Magar Pyaar Say (more…)