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Resham’s Swaarangi banned in Islamabad & Cantonment Areas of Pakistan

by Arsalan - on Sep 5th 2015

Swaarangi movie banned

Resham’s comeback movie Swaarangi has been banned in Islamabad and cantonment areas throughout the country. The reason, as told by the PR person, was that the authorities concerned believed that the movie was promoting drug addiction. Swaarangi is set to release on September 11 with Sarmad Khoosat’s Manto. (more…)

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan interrogated for 10 hours over forex lapses in Delhli

by admin - on Aug 9th 2015

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

The Pakistani singer presented himself before the authorities in the Delhi zonal office of the agency a little after 10am and he left before 9pm.


Is Karan Johar behind Fawad Khan’s career decisions?

by Arsalan - on Jul 30th 2015

Fawad Khan Karan Johar

Just a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Pakistani star Fawad Khan has left Battle for Bittora, a Bollywood movie he signed against Khoobsurat’s co-star Sonam Kapoor. It was revealed that Fawad rejected the movie because of weak script but now, an Indian website BollywoodLife has exclusively broken the news that Karan Johar is the actual reason behind Fawad’s decisions. (more…)

Bhar Do Jholi: Adnan Sami blames EMI for cashing on Bajrangi Bhaijaan

by admin - on Jul 16th 2015

Bhar Do Jholi Adnan Sami EMI Bajrangi Bhaijaan

A week ago, Pakistani music record label issued, EMI Pakistan had issued a legal notice to Salman Khan, Adnan Sami Khan and T-Series for not acquiring the right to use ‘Bhar Do Jholi’ in upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Bajrani Bhaijan. EMI had claimed that it owned the rights of ‘Bhar Do Jholi’, a Kalaam written by Poonam Allahabadi and originally sang by Sabri Brothers. Now, Adnan Sami Khan, in a Facebook status on his official page, has written that ‘Bhar Do Jholi’ had been sung and performed around the world by countless artists in past but EMI had not made any claim in past but now cashing on big budget film Bajrangi Bhaijaan. (more…)

Bhar Do Jholi: EMI sends legal notice to Salman Khan, Adnan Sami and T-series

by admin - on Jul 10th 2015

Emi Pakistan legal notic bhar do jholi salman adnan t series

Salman Khan’s Bollywood movie ‘Bajrani Bhaijan’ has not only become an issue for Pakistani movie makers but also for music record label company EMI Pakistan and Amjad Sabri. EMI Pakistan, which holds the rights of ‘Bhar Do Jholi,’ a Qawali originally sang by Sabri Brothers and now featured in Bollywood moive ‘Bajrangi Bhaijan’ without any permission, has sent a legal notice to Salman Khan, Adnan Sami and T-series which bars them to use the song without the fulfillment of legal formalities. (more…)

BHAR DO JHOLI MERI: Amjad Sabri set to take legal action against Adnan Sami

by Arsalan - on Jun 30th 2015

Amjad Sabri Adnan Sami

There is nothing to prove that the legendary Sabri Brothers had originally sung the famous Qawali “Bhar Do Jholi Meri,” at the peak of their career. This Qawwali was famous in Pakistan as well as in India, from where they migrated after partition in 1947. Now, when none of the Sabri Brothers is alive, Amjad Sabri, the son of Ghulam Faird Sabri, claims to inherit the rights of their compositions and set to take legal action against Adnan Sami Khan for singing without his permission. (more…)

Jawad Ahmad song against tax policies banned on TV

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Jun 10th 2015


Jawad Ahmad’s new song “Bhola Kya Karay” against tax policy of Pakistan ‘Bhola Kya Karay’.

Jawad Ahmad new song “Bhola Kya Karay” against tax policies of federal government has been banned from airing on Pakistani television. Bhola Kya Karey criticised government for imposing huges taxes on poors. Jawad Ahmad, in a tweet said, “My new video ‘Bhola Kya Karay’. No TV channel was airing it as it talks about imposition of heavy sales tax on poor.”