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Mathira secretly got married one year ago

by Arfa Mahmood - on Aug 17th 2014 - No Comments
mathira married, wedding photos

Yes! Mathira’s marriage news is confirmed. And the lady has been keeping this wedding secret for a year.   Mathira has been married for one year and didn’t even tell anyone. Only a few of her friends and family knew about this big secret. She revealed this to the audience in an interview to Dawn. When she was asked that...

Sanam Saeed shows her interest to work in Bollywood

by Arfa Mahmood - on Aug 11th 2014 - No Comments
Sanam Saeed in Bollywood Film

Recently, Sanam Saeed was asked that if she wanted to enter Bollywood when offered a role and her answer was Yes!  In her recent interview to IANS, actress Sanam Saeed said that if the story is of her interest and has the capability to remove gap between the two countries(Pakistan and India), then she would surely go for it. However,...

Promising Pakistani Rock Band “Aag” Disbanded

by Arfa Mahmood - on Aug 8th 2014 - No Comments
Aag band disbanded

One of the most promising & best upcoming bands to come out of Pakistan in recent years has been disbanded today. The Band Aag was consisted of brothers Haroon Sheikh and Usman Sheikh. Today, Haroon announced the news on his facebook that the band is disbanding as his younger brother Usman is leaving the band due to some unknown...

Fawad Khan wants to bring Sonam Kapoor to Pakistan

by Arfa Mahmood - on Jul 31st 2014 - No Comments
fawad khan wants to bring sonam kapoor to Pakistan

Yes! Fawad Khan says that he wants to bring Sonam Kapoor to Pakistan and show her the mystic Sindh region.  Pakistani actor Fawad Khan’s experience of working in India was very good and he credits his Khoobsurat co-star Sonam Kapoor for it. “She is a great person and I enjoyed working with her. The environment on the sets was...

Party Pay Jana Hai by Ansa Malik (Critical Review)

by Arfa Mahmood - on Jul 30th 2014 - No Comments
ansa-malik-party-pay-jana-hai-1 copy

So, now Ansa Malik  has added another one to the list of Pakistan’s worst songs ever sung. The last one, to remind you, was Taher Shah. And that’s not it, Ansa is another gorgeous MALIK, contributing to the industry now after Humaima Malick and our very beloved Veena Malik and believe it or not, you’ll see that lady-MALIK effect...

Emraan Hashmi was reluctant to get kissed by Humaima Malik

by Arfa Mahmood - on Jul 27th 2014 - No Comments

Humaima Malick is the first actress EVER to kiss Emraan Hashmi instead of getting kissed. Yes! This is the first time ever for Emraan to get kissed by any actress and there is a reason behind it. Of course Emraan wasn’t happy while doing this. The director of Raja Natwarlal, Kunal Deshmukh explained the matter and said:  “There...

Zeb Bangash not being given credit for her Highway song

by Arfa Mahmood - on Jul 24th 2014 - No Comments
Zeb Bangash

Pakistani singer Zeb Bangash is not being given enough credit for the song “Sooha Saha” she sung for Bollywood movie Highway. On all the media websites, the credits of this song are given to Alia Bhatt only. “Sooha Saha”, composed by A.R Rahman, has been completely presented by media as it is sung by Alia...