Maya Khan raid on dates in Karachi Parks, makes her new social media celebrity


Maya Khan Raid on dating couples

Maya Khan raid on dates in Karachi Parks

Maya Khan is the name that is buzzing and getting huge numbers of mentions right now on social media. The reason is her Morning Show that was aired on 17th January 2012 on Samaa TV.

The Morning TV show host Maya Khan along with her huge team (that consisted of show’s whole production team and several ladies) raided in Karachi’s parks to catch the couples who were reportedly dating in public parks. The idea was not bad but the way the TV host proceeded with the show and took all her “Aunty Brigade” on board to harass and trap the young couples was so disgusting that one can’t support such act. Here is one video from the show:

Update: Video has been deleted from Official YouTube Channel of Samaa TV


Here is an alternative link to the video:


Maya Khan didn’t only violate the individual privacy but also played the clips of young couple on national television, who requested to turn off the cameras. This lame act of Maya Khan has made her a new social media celebrity, who is being condemned by many social media activists in Pakistan.

This new development has also raised certain questions, the answer of which are still un-certain.

  • Is dating illegal in Pakistan ?
  • Does an unmarried couple have the right to go at public places such as parks, cinemas and restaurants?
  • Is media playing good role by exposing the young couples who are dating in public parks ?

We fear that these kind of acts will further compress the freedom of our youth. It is also worth mentioning here that recently Po*n websites have been banned in Pakistan. Imposing this much restrictions and pressure on Youth may have some good benefits, but remember this can also backfire!

Let us know in the comments how do you see this act by Samaa TV Morning host Maya Khan.

Update: Maya Khan Fired by Samaa TV for raiding in public parks

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